Shirley Temple Black

  • oz Dark Rum
  • 1 oz Grenadine
  • 1 oz 7up
  • Cherry



4210 N Lincoln Ave

Jan. 31, 11pm




Crooks arose phoenix-like from the ashes of Chicago based improv troupe Ferret in September of 2013, and has been on fire ever since. Seriously, someone needs to throw some water on these idiots. While seemingly charming and cohesive on-stage, the four members of the all-male Crooks are as unlikeable as their taste in flannel. Matt, Dylan, Simon, and Scott, bring improvisation styles to life on-stage from Ohio, Florida, Missouri, and Indiana (respectively, but not respectfully).

Trained at iO and Second City Chicago, these four take audience participation seriously, and ask the audience for a rule they must follow throughout their improvised show that straddles the gap between heartfelt, meta, and downright hilarious. Crooks loves incorporating music and physical comedy in their show just as much as they love having you in the audience. They’ll steal your heart, and maybe even buy you a beer. You’ll see a not only a new rule, but also a new format each week, with special guests, sketch, music, and maybe some tasty treats (again, we’re talking about beer).